Your pet will travel
in comfort in the
right travel crate

Which travel crate is best for your pet?

It is important for your pet that the flight is as comfortable as possible in the travel crate, particularly if it is a long journey. The pet needs to have enough space to stand up, to sit up straight, to turn around easily, and to lie down in a natural and comfortable position. We have every size of pet travel crate in stock. We need a few measurements so we can recommend the right size travel crate for your pet.

How do you measure your pet?


Please measure the length and height of your pet as the illustration indicates.


  • The length from the nose until the base of the tail (A)
  • The height in attentive upright position from the floor until the top of the head or ears, whichever is the highest (B)


The airline has the right to refuse your pet if the travel crate is too small. Please measure your pet as accurately as possible, so the travel create will definitely be large enough.

What other requirements does the travel crate need to meet?


Not only the size needs to be right, but there are also other requirements that the travel crate must meet. These are stated in the IATA Live Animal Regulations. Here is a brief summary:


  • solid, waterproof and adequately ventilated
  • the top and bottom are screwed together (no click-system)
  • one opening with metal bars
  • a doorlock that can be secured (no padlock)


Which animal travel crates do we provide?


ZooLogistics has six standard sizes of travel crates in stock. We provide these at a competitive price. ZooLogistics also provides a tailormade service for wooden travel crates or kennels for very large dogs.


  • P-100 – Small
  • P-200 – Medium
  • P-300 – Intermediate
  • P-400 – Large
  • P-500 – Extra Large
  • P-700 – Giant