Pet Travel
in 6 steps

From quote to the arrival of your pet

It is quite complicated to travel by air with your pet. These 6 steps will make it easier for you.

Step 1:

Collecting information

Would you like to make use of our services? Please read the information on our website. Here’s what to expect.

Step 2:

Asking us for a quote

When you complete the form, we will tell you how much it will cost for your pet or pets to travel to the final destination. This quote is based on the information on the form. In addition to a price and travel options, you will also receive additional information – specifically relevant for you.

Step 3:

Drawing up a travel plan

There are different rules and import requirements for each type of pet and for each destination. This is why it’s important to draw up a solid and reliable travel plan. We will discuss what we are going to do and when. Together we will decide on the itinerary of your pet’s journey and choose an airline.

Stap 4:

Health certificates and vaccination records

The veterinary aspect of pet travel is often the most substantial part. Your pet needs to have a health check and may need additional vaccinations against diseases or parasites. There will be paperwork involved to record everything. ZooLogistics works closely together with the Pet Travel Clinic in Amsterdam for the veterinary part of pet travel.

Step 5:

The flight

You will bring your pet to our Hoofddorp office on the day of departure. You can also arrange for our employees to pick up your pet from your home. After checking your pet, the travel crate and the paperwork we will take your pet to the airline. The journey begins.

Step 6:

The arrival

Once your pet arrives at the destination airport, the local airfreight agent we work with can take care of customs clearance if you like. If the animal meets all the import requirements, you can then pick up your pet and take it to its new home.

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