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Cabin, hold or cargo?

Your pet can travel in three ways: as hand luggage in the cabin with you, as excess luggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft, or as cargo in the hold of the aircraft. The options for your pet depend on a number of factors, such as the breed and size of your pet, the airline company, the type of aircraft, the destination and whether you will travel on the same flight as your pet. We are happy to advise you about the best travel option.

Cabin or hold?

If you are travelling on the same flight as your pet and if your pet is not too large or too heavy, most airlines will let you take your pet as luggage. There are two options in this case: your pet travels in the cabin with you as hand luggage or your pet travels in the cargo hold of the aircraft as excess luggage. This area is heated and ventilated so your pet will travel in comfort.

Please note:

  • You will need to contact the airline or travel agent yourself to make a reservation for your pet.
  • It may take a while to check-in your pet at the airport. Please make sure you arrive in good time and discuss this with the airline.
  • Each airline has its own specific rules for transporting pets as luggage. Please check with your airline what the rules are. Or find out more online:

…or cargo?

Pets travel as cargo if they are not allowed to travel as luggage. This can be the case when they are either too large or too heavy; or because of the destination they are flying to, or because they are travelling on their own. When pets travel as cargo they stay in the hold of the aircraft which is ventilated and heated to make them comfortable. Please note that air travel for animals as cargo can only be arranged by a specialised agent such as ZooLogistics.

A pet must travel as cargo if:

  • the airline does not accept pets in the cabin as luggage or in the hold as excess luggage;
  • the destination is a country such as: Australia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom or South-Africa;
  • the pet is not accompanied by a person.

There are many other conditions depending on the airline and the destination. Please make sure you ask our advice first so you know what to expect.

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