We take care
of the journey
of your four-
legged friend

Are you emigrating? Your pet will travel with you. No matter where you are going – anywhere in the world. Safe, happy and well looked after.

If you are relocating to another country, you will want your pet to have the best possible travel experience. ZooLogistics is happy to arrange everything – from health certificates and veterinary procedures up to and including importing your pet at your final destination.

Preparing for your pet’s journey

Every country has its own specific veterinary requirements when it comes to importing animals. These include vaccinations and health checks. ZooLogistics works closely together with the Pet Travel Clinic in Amsterdam. We would be happy to help you prepare for your pet’s journey.

Options for travelling

Your pet can either travel in the cabin of a flight or, alternatively, as cargo. For the cabin option, you can accompany your pet and include them on your ticket. For the cargo option, your pet will travel unaccompanied with his or her own “ticket”, the airway bill.

Cabin, hold or cargo?

If your pet is allowed to fly in the cabin as hand luggage or in the hold as excess luggage you can make a reservation on your own ticket at the airline company or travel agency. If your pet travels as cargo, you will need a specialist agent such as ZooLogistics.

Pet travel crate

Your pet will be in a travel crate during the journey. We provide animal travel crates in all sizes and shapes. Crate pads and mats will keep your animal dry and comfortable. Food & drink is supplied if requested. ZooLogistics will make your pet’s journey as comfortable as possible.


We specialise in transporting animals by air. For many years now, we have been arranging pet air travel for the four-legged friends of private individuals. Our customers value us as a reliable partner – always putting animal welfare first. We know the procedures and take care of every detail to ensure a great journey as well as smooth import procedures at customs.

Pet Travel step-by-step

Step 1

Collecting information

Step 2

Asking us for a quote

Step 3

Drawing up a travel plan

Step 4

Health certificates and vaccination records

Step 5

The flight

Step 6

The arrival

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Cabin, hold or cargo?

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