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Airport to Airport

We book the animal transport with the airline. This means the air travel from departure airport to destination airport.

This is what we do:

  • book the flight
  • draw up the airway bill
  • draw up the customs declaration for export
  • take your pet to the airline

This is what you do yourself:

  • take your pet to our Hoofddorp office in the Netherlands
  • arrange customs clearance for your pet at the destination airport

Door to Door

Wij verzorgen, naast het hierboven genoemde, ook het volgende:

  • a specialised courier picks up your pet from your home (this service is available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany)
  • a local agent will import your pet (arrange customs clearance) and take your pet to your home address at the final destination

”Pet Travel Clinic” service

This Pet Travel Clinic Service is arranged in close cooperation with our veterinary partner: a specialised animal clinic in Amsterdam. This clinic is happy to assist you in meeting all the veterinary requirements that apply in the country of destination.

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